Traditional healers

Traditional healers lost love spells for relationships, sangoma muthi to spiritually cleanse your life & spiritual herbalist healers to fix love financial & health problems. Sangoma spells to fix spiritual root causes of problems. Herbalist love spells to get your ex back, spiritual herbalist healers to remove negative energy & african herbalist healer for health spells.

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Sangoma divination dreams to help you understand the future, sangoma love muti, traditional healer for money & herbalist doctor to heal infertility. Sangoma bones, herbalist to bring back lost lover & traditional healing spells. Contact us for an online sangoma consultation to help you understand & fix the spiritual root causes of your problems

As a traditional healer, I will consult the ancestral spirits to understand the root causes for your love problems. The ancestral spirits will give me the series of rituals, ceremonies & prayers that need to be performed to cast a customized traditional healer spells that will help your problems

Herbalist healer

Herbalist healer

Herbalist healer to resolve relationship problems. Herbalist healer to resolve financial problems. Herbalist healer to fix health problems

Every object in the universe has a spiritual force or energy field that can influence other objects this energy can be used for healing

Herbalist love spells, herbalist money spells, herbalist health spells, herbalist lost love spells, herbalist marriage spells & herbalist fertility spells

Herbalist healer to bring back an ex lost lover. Herbalist healer to make someone fall in love with you. Herbalist healing for spiritual cleansing

Sangoma healing

Sangoma healing

African sangoma healing to holistically remove negative energy, banish bad spirits & bring you in harmony with the ancestral spirits

Sangoma healing love spells, sangoma healing money spells, sangoma fertility spells, sangoma business spells & sangoma protection spells

Spiritual transform your life using sangoma ancestral divination healing and tap into the power of the universal forces for permanent solutions

Sangoma spells for court cases, business success, government tenders, lost love problems, gamblers luck & to bring back a lost lover

Traditional healer lost love spells

Traditional healer lost love spells

Traditional healer lost love spells to get him or her back & make your ex lover fall back in love with you & want you back.

Traditional healer lost love spells to heal relationship and marriage problems. Find true love & make them commit to a relationship

Traditional healer lost love spells to get your ex husband or ex wife back after a divorce. Make him or her come back to you using traditional healer love spells

Traditional healer lost love spells to get your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back after a breakup. Win your ex back using traditional healer love spells

Sangoma spells

Sangoma spells

Sangoma love spells, sangoma fertility spells, sangoma divorce spells, sangoma money spells, sangoma health spells and sangoma gambling spells

Sangoma spells to remove evil spirits, Sangoma spells to reverse revenge spells and sangoma spells to neutralize negative energy

Sangoma spells to reverse a curse, hex or bad luck. Sangoma spells to protect you from evil and create a spiritual shield

Sangola healing spells, sangoma muthi spells, sangoma psychic spells, sangoma lost love spells & sangoma summoning spells

Traditional healer lost love spells

Love spells traditional healing

Traditional healer love spells to fix your love life, remove love curses & heal relationship/marriage problems

Spiritually cleanse your relationship or marriage using traditional healer love spells that will help you banish negative energy and bad spirits

Traditional healer love spells to repair your relationship, enhance it, bring back your ex, and even help you find your soul mate.

Make your relationship stronger, bring back affection in your marriage, get a marriage proposal & make someone love you using love spells



Ukuthwasa is the initiation process to become a sangoma & can only be done under an experienced sangoma

During ukuthwasa, you will be given imithi to connect you with your spiritual abilities & help you learn ukuhlola (consulting)

To start you knock at the door of a inyanga (Ukungongoza) with a gift & you become a initiate in the house you have chosen

Ukuthwasa is in two phases, red phase (wear red & accept calling during Ukuvuma Idlozi) & white phase (wear white until final graduation)

Thwasa restrictions

Thwasa restrictions

During thwasa there are restrictions on what you can do in-order to keep you pure. You cannot eat internal meat or fish, no intercourse & sleep on the floor

You have to be up by sunrise, must be submissive to your trainer, wash with cold water & you are not allowed to stand in the middle of the yard

During thwasa you cannot receive bad news so communication with your family is limited or sometimes not allowed

Ancestral calling qualifies you as a spirit medium, healer, fortune teller, clairvoyant, psychic, prophet & diviner



Spiritualism is a belief that spirits of the dead can communicate with the living as the messengers of the gods

A healer or sangoma who can communicate with the ancestral spirits are called spiritual mediums & they have knowledge from the universal deity

Anyone can receive spirit messages, but formal communication sessions are held by spiritual mediums

Spiritual rituals & ceremonies are used to initiate communication or tap into the spiritual power

Sangoma calling symptoms

Sangoma calling symptoms

When a sangoma is called by ancestral spirits they experience certain symptoms until they accept their calling and start sangoma training

A person will experience spiritual, emotional and mental distress and trauma when their ancestors are communicating signs of calling.

You will experience unexplained and incurable illness when being called by the ancestral spirits to practise as a sangoma

Accept your sangoma calling & start your sangoma initiation training (twasa) and the sangoma calling symptoms will stop